Hello. My name is Mike, and this is my music project: Mosaic. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and most of my music is influenced by nature and a bit of imagination. My musical time is spent trying to create something organic out of synthesizers and anodic textures I encounter throughout my day.

From found-sounds, natural textures, everyday objects, high-end samples, and live instruments– I'll use anything I can to create something that tells a story. My goal is to create beautiful and evocative music that is hopefully a little inspiring. If this appeals to you, please take a listen to the pieces further down the page.



Here are some projects I've been a part of. If you'd like to see more of my work, please check out my youtube channel and/or my soundcloud.


Besides music, I've been taking time to build some audio tools for the web. Check out my React audio component, Mosaic, on NPM. You can also see other web-based projects I'm working with on GitHub.



If you think we'd work well together and you'd like to collaborate, then please email me at hello@mosaicmusic.io or find me via the social media links below.