Hello, my name is Mike and this is my music project: Mosaic. I'm a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and have been working in games, specifically indie game audio, since 2011. In 2012, I worked side-by-side with composer Filippo Beck-Peccoz to create a wonderful toyshop sample library, and since then I've been freelancing.

Below you'll find some of the projects I've been a part of. Each has a description, link to a video example, and more information about the project. Some are games where I've been the sole composer, some have been collaborations, and others are audio replacements. For more content, please visit my youtube and/or my soundcloud channels.

The Last Tinker
City of Colors

My friend and fellow composer Filippo Beck-Peccoz contacted about assisting him in scoring a small portion of The Last Tinker: City of Colors, and I happily accepted. I worked with him on the boss encounters and Tink's orchestral sequence. Here is Tinker's trailer via Eurogamer.

Oh My Giraffe

I first found Oh My Giraffe on r/gamedev's Screenshot Saturday. I thought OMG looked super fun, and had to ask the creator about his project. It turned out that the developer, Nico Prins, lived closeby and we met up to chat. In the end I added some additional sound effects and short bits of music. Check it out.

Son of Nor

Son of Nor by Stillalive Studios, one of IndieDB's most popular projects. I created a full 70~ minute soundtrack as well as some assets for a later DLC. Son of Nor let me explore tons of musical ideas and inspirations I had had for ages that I couldn't really dive into on other projects. Take a look and listen.

Beggar's Ride

The Beggar's Ride was another collaboration with Filippo Beck-Peccoz. This project brought on a fun challenge– emulating Filippo's style so that my additions would fit in with the rest of the soundtrack. In the end I contribute 2/5 tracks, including the final boss music, an in-game track, and some of the trailer. Check out the trailer here.


My work with Mable was a lot more experimental than the other projects listed here. I found Mable while checking out Greenlight Arcade, and asked the developer, Triplevision Games, if they minded me using Mable as a demo. They were cool with it, so I created this.


Bleat is a project born out of the global game jam. My game jam teammates and I decided to continue with the project after the jam wrapped up, and we ended up releasing for iOS and Android. I contributed all of the audio. Check out the trailer and some in-game footage.


Here are some audio samples as well. Each of these pieces has been used in a project, some released and some not. For more music, check out my soundcloud.

  • Through the Sunken Glades
  • Ruined City of Quil
  • Mable
  • Winter
  • Breeze
  • Tetris
  • Tavern in the Mist
  • Giraffe Beats
  • Travel by Lantern Light


If you think we'd work well together and you'd like to collaborate, please email me at hello@mosaicmusic.io or find me via the social media links below. I'm happy to work with your budget.


Mike / Mosaic